so as the summer comes to its HALF WAY point.. i still have so much to do! ahhh so little time :) vbs decorations. for a while i thought i'd be down there painting myself today. then all of a sudden we have a huge team of willing painters :) hehe. it was great. :) thank GOD there were so many people. its gonna take a while but it'll be fun. kinda getting a little tired of looking at those murals tho. after i restrung my guitar like.. two days ago, i went crazy mad playing it. i'm not sure why. but it sounded nicer. now i wanna get a new one. anyone wanna help me? hehe. my fingers hurt a LOT tho. hehe its all good tho :) i'm having fun. wow.. i actually like MET kenny's brother today. haha. he's so cute. can i keep him? adorable, what can i say?

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