softball today was.. whoowie. i never thought i'd actually be upset if i weren't allowed to play.. but here i was playing against United [which, btw, Diana, you guys rock :)] and i got rEJECTED yes, i added the 'r' in but that's how horrible it was! :\ that's okay tho.. i guess it was my bad. then the second game against Tsunami, i was warned *ahhh* it was so horrible. y'know what this was all over? me 'throwing' the bat!! how stupid is that?.. ne way, went to Justin's for pool party after, though it was kinda raining. it was fun just to kick back and relax.. YEA RIGHT! guess who got tossed into the pool.. needless to say, i was wet but i managed to pull Justin in with me! weee :) victory is STILL MINE! :) hehe ne way, soo tired.

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