*currently sucking up green apple jelly.. yum*
y'know what's addictive? clodhoppers.. that and georgie's words. i can't stop saying them! and apparently i stole 'buddie' from her which is not true cos i didn't :)*

sooo :) vbs is finally over and i'm quite satisfied.. not because its over [in the car it felt like i was going to do it again tomorrow.. i don't think i wanna stop. i'm so used to it now..] but the kids got better each day and my fellow facilitators were so supportive haha :) rant/vent sessions!! pre-feeding, beef-eating, debriefing :) but every since stinky [wellesley - i decided to call him stinky cos his name is too long to write out so stinky was easier.. and he agreed it was okay :)] found out my chinese name, everyone's been getting into the habit of calling me by it.. ahhh! :) haha its so funny :)

*all the georgie terms i 'stole'* [i prefer the term 'use]
1. buddie
2. nerd
3. noooo
4. ohmigoo'ness
5. the greatest!
6. doo doo doo

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