being sick has made me a bitter bitter person.

:) but i woke up at 2.45 today. shock. :) i checked every clock in my room to make sure something wierd hadn't happen to my clocks. it was wierd getting up so late. took a shower and georgie told me that i had to go over to her house to watch a movie because keeping her company was a productive thing to do. i was convinced. watched Bringing Down the House :) good movie. it was fun. went home, ate dinner and went to sear's for a movie... Anger Management. it was alright cept i hated it. that guy was such a psycho jerk. hated him. and the girlfriend was pretty dumb for making him go through all that. poor guy. :) wanted to squish the fat cat tho :)

people, blog already! i'm getting bored here...

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