wow today was nice and eventful :) i got up early for an appointment then picked up kenny on the way back. ended up bumming around at home then going out for an iced cap at williams :) it was nice. then went to pick sam up and we went to a driving range [maybe golfing will be my thing for next summer.. weeee :)] yea.. and now my arm hurts. i never knew it was going to be so complicated. even just the correct stance/posture is so hard to remember. ahhh :) ne way, i achieved and surpassed my goal of getting my ball to the 100 sign :) weeee. cept my arm kinda hurts now. maybe it means i have to get more exercise. but it was fun. then we went out for coffee at starbucks [i think i've had too much coffee today! :| ] but now i have to do homework [yay...]

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