wow, the weekend went by really quickly :) hehe.. soo what did i do...
friday, went shopping and got me a pair of shoes [hehe they're different coloured kinda.. ] came home and Jenn and Georgie came to sleepover :) hehe.. ended up not doing homework, eating chips and salsa at who knows what time and all passing out on my bed [didn't know it was that big..] but the Ikea bathroom set thingy came in handy :) hehehe.. yay ikea.

saturday morning. jenn left for eye appointment.. leaving me and georgie.. we ended up taking all her stuff.. subwaying to dundas for The Great Steak [finally!! it was so good :) we need to go again] then walking to church. oh mi gosh her guitar is like.. a hundred pounds. it was crazy heavy!!! then we got to church for worship practise but no one was there and people were in the sanctuary so we ate.. then georgie popped her string so we had to go to Steves [which we were going to anyway] to get string and picks :) weee!!.. came back, practised, Georgie ended up sleeping over again cos i needed her to teach me how to strum :) hehe. yups.

now my throat hurts like crazy and i have to study for chem and write my essay [still!! :| ]

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