ooh i can't wait til this weekend. kickboxing again [i think i should refrain from trying to hit everyone i see. haha i've gone MAD!] then jeremiah. but what i'm really looking forward to is sleeping over at georgie's to help her paint :) hehe she says its a big problem that i haven't seen some movie.. so we might have to camp out in her living room to watch movies all night. ooh this is gonna be fun ;) hehe.. school's starting to get *interesting* hehe.. but i'm pretty happy i'm getting alright in chem right now :) hehe MAYBE IF I'M LUCKY, it'll stay like this. prolly not tho :( ah well.. i'm off to do commencement again [i'm a prefect. YES! i'm ALMOST perfect.. :| hehe] ne way, last night was tiring, i got 'promoted from coat check to helping on stage. i'm stuck doing that job again cept i wanna help out with food which is what i was assigned for tonight :( they have good food man! ne way, i'm off!

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