so last week i was really happy with my marks, thinking life was so great, i finally got what i deserved [i actually DO study really hard okay] but after my little 'proud' phase, God decided i needed to be humbled. i wanted it too but its one of those things you think you can prepare for.. but you really can't. i've come to realize once again that.. as easy it is for God to give something to me, He can, just as easily, take it away from me. and here's where i have to kick it up a notch and work my butt off even harder, burn more brain cells and.. hopefully not.. lose more sleep. but even so, i'm not going to be bitter about it.. marks are marks.. and as long as i try my best, that's all God's asking for right.. which means i have to TRY MY BEST.. o_O.. i guess falling asleep in my chair, leaning against the wall as i was trying to do my homework doesn't really contribute to that huh..

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