my adventures
it all started off like this:
- no school tomorrow, so i wanted to do something
- carol said she wanted to go for coffee [*ding* good idea]
- i went to get a new CD-ROM drive cos i busted mine somehow
- came back and carol was gone
- so i called on my trusty stinker: Catherine!

the adventures begin
- it was pretty foggy outside so finding Catherine's house was an adventure in itself.. but i finally made it
- then we decided we'd stalk carol because she ditched me.. we had an idea of where she might be since she said she wanted to go to Timothy's so we figured we'd head over to Tim's.

adventure 1
- i realized i had no money so we stopped by at TD and the doors were locked! duh
- we were pulling at the doors [if there were cameras...]
- catherine suggested i stick my card into the slot thing *ding* door magically swings open [for real]
- catherine decides for safety measures, she better pull the door close [with no success]
- on the way out, we spot some guy getting outta the car.. nervously we edge towards the door, open it.. AND RUN TO THE CAR!
*phew* we're safe.. so we head to Timothy's

adventure 2
- so we peer into Timothy's in search for Carol.. no luck.. but people start to wonder why we're peering in..
- we finally decide to go in and we see this girl from school.. and no place to sit
- the guy goes "i'll be with you in a sec"
- the original plan was for me to get a drink then we'd head over to Starbucks
- catherine pulls me away from the counter with a plan of her own...
- i "fled" the scene with catherine hot on my trail
*phew* we safely make it to the car again.. i can never show my face at Timothy's again

since we were having so much fun, we needed a camera.. driving to my house, Catherine decided i lived in hick town and she didnt' feel so bad for living near Elgin Mills ne more.. thanks Cat.

adventure 3
- finally end up at Williams, not running away ne more
- order a CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY BANANZA! [huge waffle thing]
- it was so yummy!!! but it was of "mammoth proportions!" - Catherine, 2003
- realized the place was closing soon so we had to eat it fast..

adventure 4
- looking for fruit juice for Catherine so we went to Dominions
**stupid moment:
- walked through the first set of doors to read: use other doors <---- so left to use the EXIT doors while catherine stood wondering why i left.. [you had to be there]
- got juice and ran outta the place [have a thing for running today]

adventure 5
- decided to show catherine NTCAC since she lived so close to it and didnt' know it existed..
- as i was turning in, i realize it was PITCH BLACK.. no sign of life or anything..
- pulled out like someone was coming after us.. and drove catherine home, all freaked out

*thanks for reading all that.. you're so cool.

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