Good Weekend
ended up deciding to go home Friday morning turned out to be a good decision. Got home with Alvin on my first ever greyhound bus trip going home :) it was fun I guess but I slept most of the way home so I wouldn't know anyway. Met up with Mookie at Union station where she walked right past me. Guess I scared her a bit when I said "where y'going mookie?" hehe :) Spent the night trying to get some work done and ended up dying my hair with Jay - good thing it didn't show up at all. But that was all after my dad decided we should go to KBBQ for dinner - how hilarious was that. He kept hitting thr drums, how embarrassing. Then I think my family did everything possible to get us almost kicked out of the restaurant, ie. helping ourselves to the food cart [got yelled at], putting ice on the bbq [got yelled at]. And Jay accidentally yelled "could you just shut up!" at the guy trying to seat us. oops! hehehe gotta love family!

Slept in saturday really late dispite my plan to work all morning. Went with family to Vaughan Mills - not by my choice either, surprise! It was huge - a nice contrast to the little mall in Waterloo. I was actually kinda impressed by the size of the stores and the carpet walk ways.. But other than that, it was kinda disappointing to find that a lotta the stores I enjoy shopping at, ie. Jacob Jr., Gap, Old Navy, etc. were not there. Otherwise, it was a nice trip spent with family. I saw one of the girls from my floor there too, but I didn't say hi. oops! Then went out for dinner with family - haven't done that in a while if you don't count friday night. Went to Chiu Chow Restaurant - Chinese food! oof. Then went home to do some studying after I accidentally napped. Didn't get to go down to see the Calvicade of Lights but I guess it was for the better - got a little bit of studying done and avoided the apparent vomit downtown. Terry messaged me just before I was headed out to tell me he was back in town as well and wondered if I wanted to go for desserts. So I ended up picking him up on the way, going to Go For Tea then later Demetres.

It was overall a good night - it was nice seeing familiar faces after such a long time. *sigh* sometimes makes me wish we were all closer. But hopefully we'll get to see each other again around Christmas time or something. Funny thing too - we ran into Justin (Chan) at Demetres. Goodness he looks kinda different but wow its been such a long time since I've seen the guy!

Ne way, off to bed now or else no studying will get done tomorrow - when it REALLY matters. And even worse - sleeping during church! BAD!

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