Its been a while since I've left any thoughts here.. but let's give it another shot.

After one of my final "midterms" [which btw, was brutal so let's never talk about it again] the rest of my day was pretty decent. I did laundry with Grace which turned out to be quite amusing [she accidentally paid for someone else's laundry and they had to wait another 30 min. then someone else did that to me an hour later - guess that's what I get for laughing so hard]. Anyway, I found out the program for CCF tonight was drama night and being in the already bummed-out mood and not quite the drama type, I figured tonight might not be too enjoyable. But as it turned out, the night was full of laughs - so many creative people out there!

Then after some yummy ice cream and little discussions on "being careful" at Chill 'N Grill, I headed back home with Liz to fulfil her "eat sushi on midterm days" tradition - good choice. We had a nice long talk about.. a lotta things and I'm really glad God put her in my life. I'm excited to see where He takes us the rest of this year.. it'll be an interesting ride to say the least [we are NOT wierd.. just special :)]

To add to the list of good things that happened today - I'm finally getting the chance to read again. And like I promised Sam, I have to start with the books he got me. So right now I'm working my way through "Whatever Happened To Worship?" but AW Tozer.
"a worker who does not worship is only piling up wood, hay and stubble for the time when God sets the world on fire"

And last but not least, to end off on a lighter note (hehe pun), in light of my missing mittens (which I forgot .. a few times.. at Sam's place) I wrote a song tonight .. well.. made up a song tonight on the way to CCF so I'll share it with you guys - Sam's trying to make me sing it so he can record it.. good luck!

Missing Mittens - by Bernice Leung
(to the tune of "my bonnie lies over the ocean" - I dunnoe what its called..)

My mittens are over at Sam's place
My mittens, they're not here with meee
My mittens are over at Sam's place
So bring back my mittens to me

(in a more protesting voice)
bring back
bring back
oh bring back my mittens to me, to me (x2)

the end!

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