quickie then back to studying
after making instant rice crispie chunks with liza in the lounge, we went to bug dalton for a little while [totally went over our 20 min. break limit]. here's one of our conversations:
[while looking at maps don had to make for his geography class referring to the number of sobey's in the k-w area]

b: wow k-w really likes their sobey's
l: but they don't have any loblaws
b: or dominions!
d: *i forget what he said*
b: Dominion's is FRESH OBSESSED!
d: yea but Sobey's is READY TO SERVE!
*little pause*
d: and loblaw's is..
*both looks at liza*
d: and loblaw's is..
l: COOL!

back to human anatomy.. goodness exam tomorrow and i'm not even close to ready. what am i doing here..

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