Summerlicious 2005
avec: Clara and Andrew
chez: Joe Badali's

the choice of restaurant was not as impressive as previous *season*-licious events due to time restraints but the night called for lotsa memorable moments anyway:
- [inside the Hilton, looking for the PATH] after wandering around aimlessly (and fruitlessly) we finally decided to ask the big security guy for directions. we voted on Andrew so he started approaching the guy, only to turn around, come back and say "did you guys make this PATH thing up to make me look stupid?" drats, if only we thought of some genius plan like that earlier..
- wandering around underground was a nice adventure in itself..
- [at Joe's after our entrees arrived] b: this isn't lemon chicken! c: did you squeeze the lemon onto the chicken? b: no, it's supposed to be lemon chicken, like without me having to squeeze it a/c: do you want us to get someone to squeeze it for you? *andrew calls waiter* a: excuse me could you squeeze the lemon for her? she doesn't think she's strong enough. w: sure, i can do that for you *waiter struggles to squeeze the lemon, getting his fingers all over my food* b: great.. thanks..
- [dessert time] a: excuse me, could you bring her some ketchup? w: *wierd look* whatever you like.
- [after ketchup was put on andrew's plate] *raspberry cheesecake falls off of his fork into ketchup* a: oh no.. [hahaha you had to be there - clara knows]

*thanks for a good night guys

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