little joys
this summer i've had the opportunity to work with a lot of different kids in sunday school and at sonshine daycamp. but this year, instead of being with the older kids i'm normally paired with, i got to hang out with the younger ones. it's just so much fun being with them, the little things that they say, how they're so fearless in the things they do, how they aren't afraid to tell you exactly how they feel, to see how they think - they know a lot more than you would imagine. these kids just attach themselves to you. seeing them grow, even a little, in such a short amount of time was heart-stirring.

i know i haven't put my best efforts in getting to know them all, and i haven't spent enough time preparing their lessons. but it has been a good experience, for all of us, i know.

:) and just to be a bit selfish, one of the most satisfying things - they call me by name and i never expected them to even know it. (it's just satisfying because a lot of adults can't handle my name.. it's just cuter coming out of their mouths :) no struggles)

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