Roger's Cup
avec: bobo, jacky, miko
chez: rexall centre at york u

that's right, we went to see a professional tennis game! totally not what i had expected it to be, nor was i used to the environment. jacky's right - you have to be super quiet like at a golf game.

pre-game specials:
- bobo fails parallel parking (again) and completely scares the guy in the car in front of us.. haha
- walking around outside the stadium was a nice atmosphere.. plus FREE STUFF!!!

game highlights:
- the china girl smacked the ball into the microphone the announcer was using (HAHAHA!!!)
- the hotdog was yummy - thanks jax, too bad i was TOO COLD TO EAT IT..

game lowlights:
- it was hard not to comment - you don't get to yell out like at a baseball game (i think i should stick to those)
- the announcer SUCKED
- the pretzel SUCKED
- it was SO cold up there..

post-game memories:
- we started to leave, only to find out there was a doubles match after!
- so we went downtstairs to walk around a bit and got more FREE STUFF (bo, what are you, CHINESE?!)
- played some chinese game while waiting. bo: *stares anxiously*.. bee: it's your turn... bo: OH!
- finally got back up to watch the first few minutes of the doubles match with GOOD SEATS.. then it rains. i've never seen people move so FAST.. these tennis people *sigh...

overall it was a good night. quite enjoyable. thanks.

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