Dresses and Airports

July 14, 2007

Yesterday, Chris mentioned that RW&Co. was having sales (his mom apparently goes shopping frequently and ALWAYS knows when all the good sales are). So, I was determined to go and see if I could get that dress I really wanted. I ended up dragging Andrew and Little Guy along with me. Anyway, I found the dress (rah!) and there were only two left a size 10 and the one I got. I tried it on and it was a lot looser than I remembered it being. Don't really know what happened there, but after much deliberation, I ended up taking it to the counter and paying for it. AND!

1. It was actually $39.95, compared to the original $88.95
2. It's still too big, but I convinced myself to get it because I can still get it altered
3. I'm going to keep it and alter it AFTER I finish the 101 thing as my little reward to myself (bahaha)

On another note, we went to the airport to pick up my parents (they went to BC for a couple of weeks without us because they no longer love us and don't wish to pay for our airfare - just kidding). It was pretty late, so it was like one of those postcard pictures of a city at night except it was the airport area at night. On top of that, the night air was cool and not the least bit humid. Just perfect. I don't know what it is but every time I go to an airport it makes me feel happy.

And this time, instead of waiting in front of the terminal, like a lot of people, or even parking in the lot beside the terminal and paying like some more people, we drove to the middle of no where and parked there for free (although, I don't think it was meant to be free parking because I'm pretty sure I saw a lot of employees parked there and some parking tags in people's cars). Because we parked so far, we got to ride in that shuttle thing, which was also fun and cool because we got to whiz by the lights and see them from a higher point. I'm sure Little Guy liked it!

Last note - one of the pieces of my parents' luggage got shipped off to Yellowknife. It was a good thing though, because I drove the small car tonight and there would have been no way it would have all fit. Don't you love how some things work out so well...

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Anonymous said...

i love it when things work out well. it's like they were meant to be.. :)

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