July 18, 2007

Has any one else noticed those little bubble letters "i'm" beside some of the names on their msn contact lists? I have. It stirred a little bit of curiosity in me but not enough to find out what it was all about. Then recently, in my conversation with a friend who happens to work at Microsoft, I finally found out (only because he had it in his name and usually he doesn't 'decorate' his name with nonsensical symbols).

Basically, "i'm" is a Microsoft initiative that shares some of the revenues they get from ads, with various charities. So as long as you have a certain tag in your name, for each message you send, Microsoft will donate a certain amount to the charity of your choice.

I figured this was a very easy way to help out a charity of my choice. I chose to support Komen for the Cure. Who will you support?

1 comment:

andrew said...

i thought komen stood for something else :)

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