July 24, 2007

A couple summers back, Andrew introduced me to a wide variety of computer games. SIMS was one of the games (I know, it's old). I was addicted. When the game was open, we operated on SIMS time. When talking about time, we had to specify which time we were talking about.

Andrew: What time is it right now?
Bee: *looks at computer* 9:43pm
Andrew: No, real time
Bee: Oh.. I don't know, 3-something? (in the morning)

Somehow, the player (usually me) would get lost in the world of SIMS and the other person (usually Andrew), would get dragged along. Our conversations would revolve around whatever was going on in the world of SIMS.

Bee: Oh mi gosh, I need to use the bathroom
Andrew: "So go"
Bee: Okay
Andrew: *waits* Aren't you going to go?
Bee: Oh, I meant my SIMS me had to use the bathroom

We even bought SIMS 2 for all the other additional things you can do and buy. But, as the end of the summer rolled around, we were forced to relinquish games for more important things. Y'know - school, taking care of LG, things like that.

The game remained in Andrew's piles of junk all this time, until now. Two days ago, Andrew re-installed SIMS on his computer for my playing pleasures. For two nights now, I have been up until the not-so-wee hours of the morning, falling asleep just as the sun rises, hoping to get just enough sleep to last through the rest of the day. Someone needs to set an alarm for me to go to sleep.


princess pauper said...

hehe...I didn't even know you had me linked, or that you read my blog ever.


andrew said...

lol sims is so addictive

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