Creepers on Campus

September 28, 2007

Earlier this week, I went to Laurier to finish up some paperwork for my new job. One of the administrators told me about a working alone policy in which you're not allowed to work alone during certain hours. At first I thought this was ridiculous - where are you going to find someone who's willing to hang around at work the same time you're there?

I never realized how naïve I was about how creepy this world has become. I have a tendency to block out external stimuli, if you will, when I don't want to risk running into someone and having them talk to me (yes, I'm anti-social like that). I like walking around campus with an implied bubble around me - earphones in my ear, sunglasses on when possible... it gives a sense of protection.

But when I take all those things off, I hear about a friend being followed around and 'harassed' by a creepy old man. I hear about a girl who's being stalked by a random guy on Facebook, who reports to her where he's seen her on campus.

I, myself, have never been approached by people that creepy and I hope I never will be. But, I have experienced how uncomfortable it is for someone to randomly ask you questions on Facebook because of things they've read on the newsfeeds - conversations you're having with other people. And not only does said person 'eavesdrop' on conversations but this person has the audacity to come out and ask questions as if they have some right to know the intimate details of my life, despite the fact that they sound like a total stalker and that we never talked when we did see each other.

What happened to people having a sense of decency.. or at least pride? Aren't they embarrassed about their creeper tendencies?


Jasy said...

omg that guy was so creepy. *shudder*

and tnx for the dedication. haha

Clara Tsui said...

hey as far as i am concerned, anything posted on facebook and wallfeed is public domain! :)

Bernice said...

Is it weird that I'm commenting here? I'm not sure where else to answer back.

I could agree, Clara. It's just that it still is creepy the way he goes about bringing it up with me. I mean, if you were talking with your friend about something private and somebody standing nearby happened to hear what you were saying.. and then comes over and starts interrogating you about what you were talking, wouldn't you be a little creeped out.. and annoyed?

Clara Tsui said...

well...yes.. a little.. perhaps I am just past that creepiness threshold so it doesn't bother me as much because I am sometimes/often the culprit :D I suppose in the end it's all about tact, though, or at least being aware that you are a creepster, lol.

As for one post a week... I'll get on that...

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