Finger Lickin' Good

September 22, 2007

Tonight, I went to hang out with Liza, one of my floor mates from first year. We decided, since we've never been to Symposium and since we have that bus pass now, we should put the pass to use and visit Symposium. Our night started off with a few rough patches. We waited at the bus stop for the 7D bus for about 45 minutes and then decided to head towards the next bus stop and slowly make our way to our final destination. At each subsequent stop, we'd turn around and look intently into the distance for any signs of bus headlights. Each time, we'd grunt and decide to keep walking.

As we headed up King St. we were wondering if the decision to walk there was a bad one. It's a pretty sketchy part of town, especially since this weekend was Laurier's Homecoming and there were a lot of sloshed out individuals wondering the streets. Anyway, we finally made it there (after almost two hours) and requested to be seated in front of the cake display - it looked so yummy.

This turned out to be the worst (but most amusing) decision we made all night. When I first sat down, I declared the dessert boy my new best friend. I soon realized that this dessert boy was a terribly unhygienic dessert boy. Each time he placed a dessert on a plate, he'd lick his fingers, occasionally rubbing his nose. Then, he'd proceed to placing the next dessert. Somehow, he'd always end up touching everything that landed on the plate. If there were fruit slices, he'd smoosh them down with his fingers. If there was ice cream, he'd poke it out of the scoop. If it was cake, he'd cut it and then place it on the cake with his bare hands.

You think that's bad, but get this. He'd wash his hands in the same pitcher of water the knives were kept in. Sometimes, after cutting a cake, he'd slide his fingers along the blade to wipe off the mousse and lick them off his fingers.

Despite seeing all this, we ordered the cakes anyway and watched him carefully to see which parts we needed to cut out. We also ordered a couple of specialty coffees. They were more specialty than coffee ;). This experience was totally not what we were expecting. Never again will we sit beside the dessert counter - ignorance is bliss. Oh, and service is pretty slow so if you expect anything, you might want to order things half an hour before you expect to get it or be brave and sit close to the counter so you can grab it yourself. HAHA.


jellobaby said...

ahhhhh :S sorry :(
did i tell you the wrong bus??
i should've looked at times and stuff too :S

glad you guys found it okay!!

Jasy said...

Ok so I just read the whole thing ... disgusting!!! Sick. No wonder you don't ever want to go back again. I'm not sure I do either now.

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