Girls' Night

November 7, 2007

With our prof away at a conference and our TA lecturing instead, there was a big chance that we'd be let out early. Liz suggested that if class ended early, we should hang out. As we predicted, class ended early (2 hours and 15 minutes early to be exact) so we headed over to the plaza for Jade and Liz to grab a bite.

After being stuffed to the fullest, we speed-walked to Jade and Liz's place (it was freezing). By that time, we figured it was almost time to watch House. But we were wrong. This whole clock-changing business must have messed with us because we had an hour to kill before the show came on. So we filled it with Youtube video watching and guitar playing. Sure, we can't take on Marie Digby (check out her videos by the way) or even Oasis, but Avril, bring it on!

House left me a little confused. I wasn't really sure what I felt about that episode. But the show after - some trashy reality show about has-been boy band members coming together to form a new boy band, that really got us talking. Apparently the time they've taken off has really let them do a lot of growing. Specifically C. Kirkpatrick who apparently spent whatever he earned with NSync, drinking, growing his beer belly and superstar ego.

It's kind of funny having all these big names from when I was in elementary school come back.

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