Monkey Business

November 1, 2007

A photo blog of Nathan's first Trick-or-Treat. Enjoy!

The First House. Nathan wasn't quite sure of what was going on. He slowly walked up the steps and the first of his candies were deposited into his little bucket.

The Haunted House. The next house went all out. Nathan was reluctant to go up the driveway so the Bottle of Tylenol came down to meet us.

Bucket Check. The bucket was getting heavy. Nathan wanted to see what people were putting inside.

EEEEEE! This little monkey loved the ghosts hanging from the tree. He marched onto the lawn and had a good laugh.

Break Time. Laughing at ghosts is hard work. Nathan decided to put his pail down and take a little break on someone's front steps. He kept an eye on his candy just in case.

Inflat-A-Ghost. The Deviled Egg and the Not Dressed-Up Anymore wanted a picture with this huge ghost. The wind made it move like a 'real' ghost. Fun!

Unafraid. With all the creepy things out there, we we worried Nathan might be afraid and we'd have to go home early. This was not a problem - he made sure to say 'hi' to all the creepies out there. He doesn't judge.

Mini Plunder. Look at the candy the little monkey got! (Not that he's going to be eating any of it. Our little monkey likes to share.)

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween!


alana said...

Hahahahaha omggggggggg that monkey suit is just perfection! So cute!

Jasy said...



Andrew said...

it was so funny when he started yelling "hello" so the candy would come faster

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