Friday Finds: Second Cup Glasses

January 11, 2008

Ever since doing my Christmas gift ideas post, I've found a few more things that I've enjoyed quite a bit. So from now on, every Friday, I will write a post featuring a new item that I have found.

I've been thinking a lot about the types of 'things' I want in my future home. I want my home to be comfortable, functional and reasonably stylish. As a result, a lot of the things I've been finding (like the hug salt and pepper shakers) are sort of geared towards what I would like my future house to have.

This is the closest representation I can find to the real thing. I saw them at Second Cup last weekend as I was walking by. The ones I liked were cylindrical glasses with metal handles with neat designs in them which looked a lot more delicate. The thing I like about these glasses is that the metal handles can be detached from the glass!

So, in my opinion, you can use the glasses for cool drinks on hot days without the handles or you can use them for hot drinks with the handles on so you don't burn your hands! Isn't that fantastic? The other thing that's great about the detachable handles is that you can wash each piece separately so you don't have to worry about crap building up in between the two pieces over time.

These cups would be so cute to drink a nice cool iced tea or a warm cup of hot chocolate out of. Don't you think?


S2jay said...

That cup is ugly..


is more like it...

you need to learn how to use google.

Bernice said...

wahoo I finally got them :) And the design on them is of little coffee beans :)

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