Nathan At 22 Months

January 30, 2008

Instead of braving the bitter cold winds today, I got a ride to work from Chris. On the way, he told me of a dream he had of Nathan being able to speak full sentences. While this dream hasn't become reality yet, Nathan is getting really close. He can put together words to form short phases and he knows numbers and colours.

Just for fun, I decided to write up a list of all the words I could remember him using and see how many words he knew. Several of the websites say that by age 2, children should be able to use at least 50 words. Nathan isn't quite 2 yet but so far according to my list he is able to use an astounding 157 words. And not to be gloating or anything but I'm sure he knows more that I've forgotten. Oh, who am I kidding? I am gloating - my kid is a genius!


alana said...

Now, granted I've never actually met Nathan before, but my goodness - he is so big!! And smart! 157 words before your second birthday is seriously impressive.

I've already decided - that boy's going to Harvard :)

Andrew said...

n: "junior chicken, why are you so big?"

S2jay said...

Oh Georgy!
He's such a little mister (:

Jasy said...

hahaha! gloat on!
he's smart AND good looking!
yay nathan!

mJ said...

such a cutie! :)

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