New Camera or Not

January 9, 2008

After mourning the loss of LCD screen-usage of my camera, I started to research how much it would cost to get it fixed and compare it to the cost of getting a new camera. I was given various estimates for the repairs, mostly less than half the price of getting a camera that I liked. I was torn. Do I get my beloved little Canon PowerShot SD30 fixed or do I shell out a little bit more to get a camera that isn't quite as little but has more megapixels?

It soon became clear what my heart was set on. At some point during the day yesterday, Andrew went out of his way to drive to Future Shop, purchase a Canon PowerShot SD870 IS for me as a belated Christmas gift, and sneak it into my Domo-kun case without me discovering his plan. When he suggested we take pictures (a fairly odd request), I didn't think anything of it and grabbed my Domo case. When I unzipped it, I found the new camera snugly (because it's a little bigger than my old camera) tucked inside.

I was grateful to have a new camera in my hands, but it didn't feel right. Despite my recent rants to him about a certain person's distasteful rejection of gifts, I was unable to accept this gift from him and asked him to return it. Obviously, he was disappointed by this, after all, he did go through all that trouble to surprise me. But after a lot of thought, I realized that I just wasn't ready to part with my beloved black camera.

That was earlier last night. Then, later on, Andrew asked me to try the camera out. I do like the new camera a lot - it does a lot of things better than my old camera. He kept insisting that I could keep both cameras. I'm not sure why I didn't jump on the chance to have two cameras but I was, and still am, really hesitant to accept this proposal. So, I'm thinking I need some outside opinion. Should I...

A) Get the old camera fixed and return the new camera
B) Ditch the old camera and keep the new one
C) Get the old camera fixed and keep the new camera.


andrew said...

i would say keep them both

Jasy said...

I am DYING for a canon powershot sd870 -- in fact that's the one I have my sights set on for my new one!

My initial reaction was definitely B.

But after reading your post, I emphathize with the emotional attachment of electronic devices that have provided us great pleasure over a long period of time-- i.e. my first year camera. I would kill to have that baby back.

However-- nothing beats having the best of both worlds! The comfort of the familiar with the exciting features of newness still at your fingertips haha

I'd have to say my vote is for option C!

Christina. B said...

I think you should keep them both. Get the old one fixed.

Larissa said...

Keep them both. Try the new one out for a few weeks, and if you really miss the old one, get it fixed.

Jacqueline said...

hm...i'd say just keep the new one. even though it's bigger, i'm sure you can get used to it. plus what's the point in having TWO cameras? it'll cost you a lot to fix it, right? so B.

Clara Tsui said...

D) donate a camera to your good friend Clara

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