Easter Egg Hunt

March 23, 2008

On Saturday, the one day stores were open this weekend, my sister and I went out shopping hunting. It's Easter eggs season and that only means one thing - Cadbury Mini Eggs are around! These little drops of joy are only available for a limited time each year so I have to stock up on them. Normally, I just buy a huge bag but since we I thought we might want to include these in our wedding some how, I had to buy more - lots more. My sister came along because as my Maid of Honour, it's her job to help me do these sorts of things. And it's a good thing she did because she was the one who swiped the "last" bag off the shelf, pulled me together when I had a nervous breakdown in the middle of the grocery store, talked to the police after the minor altercation and helped me lug a boxful of Mini Eggs to the car.

Warning for my fellow nut-allergy-sufferers! There have been traces of hazelnut found in the 39g package product. Fortunately, I bought the 1kg package. No worries there!

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