Allergic To Exercise

May 22, 2008

After watching episodes of The Last 10 Pounds and Bulging Brides today, I was somewhat inspired to start exercising again (hah, who am I kidding.. to start exercising at all).

So, we got Nathan all dressed up to go downstairs to the gym. I got Andrew to do his whole boot camp assessment on me. I'm not sure what his initial thoughts are, but after jogging for 12 minutes (which I'm pretty proud of), my body started to retaliate. He must be pretty bummed that his fiancee is so out of shape.

I believe my body has an overactive immune system and anything that can be a threat to it (actual or not), my body will fight it (see, I'm a natural fighter). And to my body, the scientific wonder that it is, believes that exercise is a threat.

So here I am, drowsy from Benedryl, wondering if I'll make it into the gym again tomorrow for another day of self-imposed bridal boot camp. I'll keep you posted.

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mJ said...

haha i love the last 10 pounds bootcamp! i've watched every single episode! :p and everything i know about vancouver is from that show!

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