Branching Out

September 26, 2008

Every since moving to Etobicoke, I've avoided going outside as much as possible. There isn't really a logical reason for this. It's just that somewhere in my mind, I decided that it was a sketchy neighbourhood and it wasn't safe for me to wander outside. I suppose it's just because it's different from what I was used to.

Growing up in Richmond Hill, being there before it became so developed, I was used to having space. And since most of the city was relatively new, everything seemed more clean and friendly. It was like a neat little village where Asians weren't necessarily the minority. Living in Etobicoke is like stepping in to a different world for me. It's part of Toronto which makes everything so much more complicated. It's hard to explain.

But slowly, I've started to come out of my protective shell. Slowly, I'm wandering, with Nathan (and sometimes Andrew) by my side, further and further away from home. One of the good things about living here is that some things are within walking distance.

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