Shiny Pans

September 7, 2008

Right before the wedding, I bought a set of Cuisinart stainless steel cookware. Then a little after that, my sister and her boyfriend offered to help us break in our new set by cooking us dinner. Unfortunately, the pan got a little burned (not blaming you, I'm just saying...). Anyway, I didn't know how to clean it without spending a load of money on 'bartender's best friend' or whatever it's called, so when I discovered a cheap way this morning, I was pretty excited.

Basically, I got up pretty early this morning and had to get some cooking done. I figure I could cook two meals at once so I made the meat for fajitas and then a thick meaty tomato sauce for my pasta. Cooking the fajita meat is a little tricky for me just because the seasoning gets sticky and burns quite easily. Then, feeling lazy, I didn't bother cleaning the pan before I made my sauce.

The longer I let the sauce cook, my pan got a little cleaner every time I stirred. With my limited science knowledge, I can only assume it was because of the acid in the tomato sauce combined with the heat from cooking that was cleaning the burnt stuff off my pan. This was pretty exciting for me, that is, until I realized that all the burnt stuff was getting stirred into my sauce.

I can only hope now that the lycopenes will be enough to ward off danger, otherwise, I have a slightly cancerous sauce.

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lillian said...

Your stories are so funny. I recently had a burnt pan too, and the cheapest way to clean it (without it getting stirred into your sauce) is to pour some vinegar on it, and heat it up! Then you can get it all off! Or, you can make a paste with cream of tartar and vinegar. But I think your right about the acid :)

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