Test Run

September 18, 2008

Since the beginning of the month, we've been trying to prepare Nathan for school. One of the most challenging issues we had was getting him on a schedule that would have him up and ready for school in time.

I know a lot of our friends who have been on co-op have taken test runs to work to make sure they get there on time for their first day (and hopefully, all the other days after that). We did the same thing, except it was test runs to see how early we'd have to wake Nathan up. We had a pretty rocky start and things were fluctuating even more than before. It seemed our efforts were going nowhere. But this past week, we finally figured it out and today was our first day of getting ready "on time"!

We're one step closer to being ready for school. I can't believe it's happening already! And Nathan is excited too, because this morning, he told me "I want to go to school!" Soon, dear. Soon.

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