Nathan Decorates His Room

November 1, 2008

I got Nathan some cute little dino wall stickers for his room to give it some colour and I let him do the decorating all by himself. This is how it turned out.

Want a closer look?


Chris said...

umm. YOU got him those stickers? i believe I got those for him!!.. i remember. DOLLARAMA by VM!!!

why must you take all the credit?


Bernice said...

hahaha I don't remember. fine, fine, you got them.

pink said...

don't tell andrew...but I think Interior Design might be an obvious option for Nathan's career!!

haha...too awesome!

S2jay said...

it was when we were looking for tongs and spoons for your candy buffet remember?


Andrew said...

i love how he put them all on top of each other when he had the WHOLE wall to use

gigglypuss said...

that is tooo cute!!

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