Who Do I Call

November 23, 2008

Do they make handymans anymore? You know, those guys who can fix anything? They just look at the problem and say, "oh, it's just the [insert name of thing that needs fixing]. I'll have it fixed for you in no time [insert pearly white smile]." Do they make those guys anymore? Because I need to find one. Fast.

Ever since we've moved into this apartment, it's been problem after problem. At first, it wasn't a big deal. Okay, so the internet connection thing isn't where I want to be. Fine, we'll get a wireless router and deal with it. Then the pipe under our sink busted open, so we get a plumber. But now, we have this leak in our laundry room coming from who knows where. Who do we call? The plumber again? The people who made the washing machine? The building maintenance people? WHO!

If you know who to call, please tell me because I'm sick of mopping up soapy water.

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