Out Of The Blue

December 4, 2008

Andrew came home from work today and surprised me with a nice hot cup of coffee. Coffee (caramel-flavoured coffee, to be exact) is always a nice surprise, especially during exam season. And even more when it's exam season and they have Christmas cups! Look how festive they are! I was so thrilled by this surprise, I actually yelled, "WOW!" when I got it. It was that nice.

This is where you would go, "aww, that's so sweet". But then I would say, "wait, there's more".

The next thing that comes out of Andrew's mouth was "Was it today that you asked me for coffee?". And then it hit me. I had asked him for coffee yesterday (and didn't get any). Apparently, his brain decided to reschedule my coffee fix for the next day and so while this was a nice surprise for me because I had forgotten about yesterday's request and this was so unexpected, it turns out he did it by mistake. Oh well, better late than never, right?


Jasy said...

Aww! That's still really nice. :)

And awww... I miss coretto's with you. :( Remember last year when I got us some and then slipped on the ice and spilled them all? Still brings a tear to my eye. haha

I hate stats. Kill me now.

Andrew said...

i'm so thoughtful :)

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