June 3, 2009

Somehow, Nathan and I ended up talking about promises today before his nap.

I was telling him it was important to keep promises. I asked him: Do you keep your promises?

Nathan: No..

And right when I was about to tell him that he needs to keep his promises, he says: I give them away.

My little guy always sees things just a little differently, but it always makes sense.


Anonymous said...

That might be my favorite Fungs story!!!

cjong10 said...

:) what a nice story!

pink said...

he's a 60 year old, in a 3 year old's body! wise beyond his years!!

Alsoooo...when does nathan wanna do some chasing around?! I need an exercise buddy!!

Jasy said...

I'm feelin his old soul!

Andrew said...

haha he always says the deepest things

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