New Glasses

October 3, 2009

(Whoa, this post is waaaay overdue, but here's an update for those of you who haven't seen us recently!)

After wearing the same frames for a decade (or more), my dear husband finally got new frames (you're welcome, husband).

This is what I've had to get used to seeing:

Haha, just kidding. It was more like this:

And this is the new and improved look:

What do you think? Not bad, eh? The guy who's been helping me pick frames (other than my dad, who has good taste, I must say) ever since I first started wearing glasses way back in elementary school picked these ones out for him.

And while we were picking out frames, one of the girls working there kept Nathan busy, drawing pictures with him and letting him play with stuff. Talk about good service. It was like free baby sitting!

Then, when he was all done drawing, Nathan decided he wanted to try some frames as well...

Pretty cute, huh? Let's hope he never has to wear them for real.

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