February 12, 2010

I can't believe I'm 24! I'm so close to the middle of my twenties, I may as well just start having a quarter-life crisis now. (But I won't. Because my life is just too good right now. Crisis averted. For now.)

To celebrate my 24th birthday, I'm going to start a brand new 101 in 1001 list!

I'm not giving up on my old list just yet, I'll keep on with it until the end. It's just hard to know what you'll be doing three years from now. What you like/dislike now might be totally different. What you want to achieve now, might be a silly idea 3 years from now. And you'll discover things about yourself that you didn't know before. But I gave this list a lot of thought, and edited it many times. I'm hoping that this list will be a little more successful (read: applicable to my life) than the first, so without further delay, my 101 - 2nd edition.

Health & Fitness
1. Develop a habit of waking up at 6am each day
2. Get a massage (x6)
3. Snowboard without falling
4. Lose 10lbs of fat
5. Play on Wii Fit at least once a week
6. No fast food for at least 100 days
7. Finish a kettlebell workout routine
8. Play a game of a team sport
9. Get into a habit of drinking water frequently (don't get dehydrated)

Because I love them
10. Make Nathan's 4th birthday amazing
11. Let Andrew choose 10 movies to watch
12. Grant Nathan's big wish
13. Be in someone's wedding party
14. Take Nathan to a sporting event
15. Get a family picture taken
16. Host the party I've been meaning to host
17. Take my parents and sister out for dinner
18. Go on a road trip with just the boys
19. Roast marshmallows with Nathan
20. Teach Nathan how to ride a bike
21. Take Nathan to the neighbourhood splash pad
22. Let Nathan decide what we do for a day
23. Teach Nathan more Chinese so he'll speak spontaneously
24. Go on "family dates" once a month
25. Send a family picture to my grandmother
26. Achieve 10 goals with different friends
27. Be more supportive of Andrew when he wants to play basketball
28. Celebrate one of our anniversaries away from home

Intellectual & Spiritual
29. Learn 5 hymns by heart (lyrics)
30. Find my quiet place
31. Memorize Psalm 23 in 3 languages
32. Read 5 books that will help me become a better person
33. Keep a prayer journal for at least 3 months

34. Get published in a magazine/book/website
35. Sell 10 things on Etsy
36. Learn how to use my mom's sewing machine
37. Buy something from Etsy
38. Make a bag for my Hot Chillys
39. Make Nathan's scrapbook
40. Make a set of ornaments for our Christmas tree
41. Make 365 cards
42. Use up/purge 50% of old paper stash
43. Participate in 10 creative challenges

"She works hard for the money"
44. Get a real job
45. Invest more in Nathan's education
46. Add 3 movies to our DVD/Blu-Ray collection
47. Stay on budget for 6 consecutive months
48. Buy 5 of my favourite childhood books for Nathan
49. Collect 10 ornaments for our Christmas tree
50. Add 5 outfits to my work-clothes selection
51. Acquire my own snowboard
52. Top up TFSAs each year

"I would like to reach out my hand"
53. Donate one million grains of rice to Freerice
54. Bake something to give away
55. Learn basic sign language to work with nonverbal children
56. Do 5 random acts of kindness
57. Participate in a fundraiser/charity event

Enjoying the simple things
58. Get another dress with pockets
59. Drive a rental car
60. See cherry blossoms in bloom
61. Watch the sunrise from 5 different places
62. Watch the sunset from 5 different places
63. Spend a day in a museum
64. See Cirque du Soleil's "O"
65. Go to a drive-in theatre
66. Spend a day on a beach
67. Skate on the Rideau Canal
68. Spend a day wandering around a town/city
69. Go berry picking
70. Relax in a hammock
71. Eat in a park
72. Visit a winery
73. Go out for breakfast before church (x5)
74. Attend an out-of-town wedding
75. Write in the sand
76. Take a walk around the neighbourhood I grew up in
77. Paint something
78. Spend a day taking pictures
79. Watch a ballet
80. Dress up to go somewhere nice

It just needs to be done
81. Find a way to consolidate/link my blogs
82. Find out my blood type
83. Get a laptop bag for the MBP
84. Graduate from ABS program
85. Change name for ABS certificate
86. Get piano tuned
87. Print 2 pictures to fill large frames
88. Figure out how to use the dSLR
89. Get rid of socks/underwear/bras I'd be embarrassed to be seen in
90. Get a car

91. Try out 10 new restaurants
92. Eat (or drink) on a patio
93. Use 10 new ingredients
94. Cook an Asian dish at least twice a month
95. Order a medium rare steak
96. Make a meal using only recipes from PW Cooks
97. Host a holiday cookie exchange
98. Add 5 recipes to each section of my recipe box
99. Find 20 quick meal ideas we'd actually use
100. Get 5 new kitchen tools
101. Try 10 new cooking techniques


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