Potato, Potawto

February 18, 2010

Late last night after Nathan was sound asleep in bed, I started making mashed potatoes. You see, whenever we buy a bag of potatoes, I let it sit. It sits and sits until one day I discover that the potatoes have started growing eyes and they start staring at me, wondering why I have left them in the bag for so long. "Why have you forsaken us?" they cry.

At that point, I get a little frantic, trying to rack my brain for whatever recipe I can find that uses potatoes. About 10 pounds of them. So last night, I decided to use up most of the potatoes by making mashed potatoes. We're not big potato eaters, but they had to be used up, and if I make it, they (read: Andrew) will eat.

So I got started on the long process of peeling, cubing, boiling, draining, and mashing the potatoes. And then, a lightbulb went off. Why don't I make even more work for myself and make pierogies with some of the mashed potatoes?!

Fantastic idea!

The problem with me and these spur-of-the-moment ideas is that once I get them, I hang on tight and it's really hard for someone to convince me to do otherwise. So despite the fact that it was nearing midnight, and that I've never made pierogies ever in my life, I was determined to make them.

On to Google I went to search out the perfect recipe. It did not exist. So I picked and chose parts of different recipes (risky business!) and put them together to make my very own version of pierogies!

Delicious! What a tasty midnight snack. I think I'm hooked.


gigglypuss said...

that looks SO yummy!!!

choifish said...

oh my god... yum!!! lucky andrew and nathan! lol

pink said...

i think i drooled on my keyboard.

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