Curious Mind

March 13, 2010

Yesterday Andrew went in to Nathan's class for his birthday celebration. Nathan's teacher casually mentioned that he has incredible concentration and she sees him do things that she rarely sees in kids his age. He's a really bright kid.

Ever since Nathan got up this morning, he's been full of questions.

Are we going to travel? as I was packing up some papers.

Where are we going? Are we going to Blue Mountain? He loved it up there so much he wants to go back again and again.

Are we going swimming? On a swimming trip? when I asked him where his swim shorts were.

Are we going on vacation? Where are we going?

The problem with having a really bright kid is that it's really hard to keep secrets and surprises from them.

Things get even harder last night after Andrew and I were talking and decided to have p-i-z-z-a, then Nathan asked when we're getting the pizza. Who knows what else he's capable of spelling?

Andrew thinks Nathan's asking all these questions to find out clues. He told me not to crack under the pressure. I've done so well for these past few months and it's almost time for the big reveal but it's so hard when our little guy is so inquisitive!

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Anonymous said...

sounds like he's well on his way to being a genius! =)

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