April 30, 2010

See how happy Nathan is? This was before he realized we'd be spending the day shopping. Luckily, he was a good sport and didn't complain at all throughout the day.

One of the downsides of staying at the park until close is that unless you've eaten, which we usually hadn't, you'd be starved by the time you get out to the car.

It just so happens that their outlet malls also stay open ridiculously late (until 10 or 11PM?!) and on the third day, that's where we went. By the time we got to the car, the restaurant we were hoping to go to was almost closing. So we decided not to rush our meal and find somewhere else. Problem with that is most of the restaurants close around the same time. So after almost an hour of driving around in circles, finding one closed restaurant after another, missing a few turns here and there, we finally happened to drive by a Sonic.

I had seen someone write about Sonic in their blogs one time and I distinctly remembered that it was a treat to their children, so I quickly yelled (yes, because when I'm hungry and desperate, it's not so easy for me to keep my voice down) at Andrew to turn in.

So we did. And we were lost. We saw lots of little parking spaces with the menus posted, but we also saw people sitting at the tables they had. We weren't sure what to do.

Were we supposed to walk in and order? Or just order from the car? How did we pay? Oh wait, there was a little spot for you to swipe your card. Okay, but then how about your food?

After a few minutes of debating how we should do it, Andrew declared he refused to come to a drive-thru to walk in to order. So we took a chance and pressed the button. Lo and behold, someone took our order and said a [something inaudible] would be at out with our food. That something inaudible turned out to be a carhop!

On rollerskates. It was the most exciting thing I had ever seen in a long time. I watched in awe as our carhop served other cars, rolling around on her rollerskates. There may or may not have been some comments made about how her butt and legs must be really toned, and maybe some mention of a career change...

Anyway! We decided to order some dessert, just so we could experience this novelty one last time. It was definitely a really fun way to end the night. I just wish their food wasn't so bad for you.

Mmmm loaded tots. Yum.


Andrew said...

too bad they don't have sonic here :(

choifish said...

that's SO AWESOME!
i wanted to go to sonic so bad when i was in oklahoma but never got the chance! sweet.

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