Bernice is... Tired

June 26, 2010

So as some of you may have noticed, Bernice hasn't been blogging very much lately. It's not that she has lost interest in her blog, and no, she hasn't gotten lazy - well not much more than usual anyways (i'm just kidding OF COURSE). Bernice has just been a little busier.

She has full-time work, which is tiring all by itself, and then on top of that she has the commute to and from work, which can be anywhere from twenty minutes of smooth driving to four hours of dodging assassins and foreign diplomats, thanks to everyone's favourite G20 summit. Then at home she doesn't really get a break, because I work in the evenings, so she usually also has the responsibility of doing Nathan's nighttime things.

I guess the fatigue has been adding up over the many months since she started working full-time. For the first little while, we both thought our two-job situation was pregnant with possibilities for the future, but this fatigue, while not unexpected, is keeping her from being as active as she was before.

Then again, her job might not be the main reason why she's tired all the time. Can you guess?


Alana said...

Wahhhhh! I had a feeling this announcement might be coming soon :) Congratulations, guys!!!!!

Bernice said...

Thank you! :)

choifish said...

Subtle! ;) haha love it.

MarkyDsMom said...


kat said...

I LOVE the post! Hope you guys are doing awesome : )

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