Summer Fun

August 28, 2010

It's so hard to believe that this summer is almost coming to an end.

Nathan has been going to camp for the entire summer since Andrew and I both had to work and I felt a little guilty for not being a bigger part of his summer fun, even though he had a really great time at camp. So I decided that no matter what, this weekend, we had to go out together as a family.

Ontario Place was my top choice just because Nathan had so much fun the last time we were there. This time, we invited my sister and my dad to come along. The more, the merrier!

On our last visit, Nathan couldn't play on as many of the attractions just because he was smaller but this time he took full advantage of everything he wanted to do.

There was the race track - Nathan could reach the pedal this year and didn't get stuck with the pink Barbie car.

Then, the Super Slide. At first, Nathan went on with my dad. He loved it so much, he eventually convinced everyone else to join him at the top.

We grabbed a quick bite then headed to the Mini Golf, followed by a good chunk of time at the water park. Nathan was brave enough to try out the big blue water slide - I was so proud of him.

After a good couple hours in the water, we were hungry again so we sat down to a nice picnic lunch prepared by my dad and sister. Ribs. Yum! Fresh fruit. Yum!

Nathan was re-energized and ready for some Cool Hoops - it was one of the things he kept asking to go to from the moment we arrived at the park that morning.

He found some Nathan-sized hoops. And when he was done with that, it was off to driving school.

Towards the end of the day, we took a long, leisurely ride in the paddle boats.

But we were all pumped up again when we got to Atom Blaster. There's nothing like shooting foam balls at people.

No one messes with my dad.

My daddy'll take you down!

Just kidding.

When we finally dragged my dad out of Atom Blaster, Nathan and Andrew scaled a huge netted structure while the rest of us decided what to have for dinner.

Nathan said he wanted sushi, so that's what we had... except that Nathan fell asleep in the car during the drive there and didn't get to eat any. But it was nice way to end off a nice day!

The end.

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Andrew said...

i love how fierce your dad looks

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