Sushi and Crepes

August 13, 2010

It's been a while since we've gone out on a Friday night.

Tonight was a rare treat.

It all started when I took half a day off work to get my glucose challenge test done. Unfortunately, after hours and hours of fasting, 45 minutes before the end of my shortened work day, a co-worker offered me a Twizzler and without thinking, I ate the entire thing. Seconds after, I realized my mistake and contemplated making myself throw up so that my entire morning of fasting and agony wouldn't be a waste.

Alas, I did not end up doing the test but that gave me just enough time to zip over to Nathan's open house. After the performance, he gobbled up some yummy watermelons and we headed home where I went straight to the couch for a quick nap before we headed back out to Second Cup for a nice summery drink.

I asked Nathan what he wanted for dinner and he said "sushi" (one of his 3 typical responses), so I suggested going home first. He insisted on not going home first so we ended up walking the entire 2 kilometers to the sushi restaurant. I should be rewarded.

By the time we got there, Andrew was just finishing his conference and was heading home so I asked him to kindly drive the car over so we wouldn't have to walk another 2km home. Because I'm quite sure that Nathan would have asked to be picked up once we stepped out the door. And I would have to insist on also being picked up because there was no way I was going to walk all the way home.

Then, when we finished our sushi, we headed across the street for one last treat - a delicious crepe. Because we totally deserved it.

1 comment:

MarkyDsMom said...

goshh all that fasting for nothing. :o(

and YAY for a night out! sounds like a good time!

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