That Makes My Heart Feel Super Happy

August 4, 2010

There are days when your kids can drive you crazy, when the world seems like it's going to explode all around you.

But then there are these little things that can make even the most exhausting days bearable again.

Like how...

Nathan whole-heartedly believes that the one sure-fire way to cheering me up is a kiss on the cheek.
Nathan says it "makes his heart feel super happy" when he sees a happy smile on my face.
Nathan always tries to keep the peace between Andrew and I when we have disagreements.
Nathan loves to give the baby kisses through my tummy
Nathan's face lit up/scrunched up when he felt baby kick for the first time

People have been asking me more and more how I think Nathan will be when the baby arrives. Everyone has their opinions on how boys aren't as nurturing, how the older child will treat the younger one poorly.

I'm not worried about what Nathan will be like when the baby comes because I know at the heart of it all, he's already become an incredible little person.

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MarkyDsMom said...

i feel the same way about my son who is 3 and about to be a big brother in a couple of months. i still WONDER but i know he has love in his heart!

and how adorable that his heart feels happy when he kisses you on the cheek that is JUST SO SWEET!!! you sure do have a sweet boy there!

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