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September 30, 2010

Trying to pare down our possessions has really forced me to decide what was really important to me. One of the things I'm really hoping we have enough space for is Nathan's collection of books. Part of the reason is because his collection started out as my collection of favourites. But another reason is because I believe reading is important and it's something Nathan really enjoys and so I want to nurture that.

I have very fond memories of my elementary school librarian as she read us a new story each week from her rocking chair. Each story was chosen carefully. There are a few that I remember really enjoying and some others that I've long forgotten.

As Nathan is starting to learn how to read at school, I've been putting a little more effort into finding books for him that are fun to read but not trashy.

It's on my 101 list to add another 5 of my childhood favourites to Nathan's collection, but I also want to add books from outside my favourites so if any of you have some suggestions I'd love to hear them! Maybe you'll even remind me of books I've forgotten about.


S2jay said...

ramona & BEEZUS hahah..

S2jay said...

henry and mudge, amelia bedelia, curious george, ralph and the motorcycle?, all the robert munch books, two by two, the subway mouse, THE JOLLY POSTMAN (which i have if you want it.. )!

i must stop before i get carried away... ahhh!

Bernice said...

I like all those series but once I buy one of them, I have to have them all! And we have no space for that :( However, I was planning on getting The Jolly Postman for him!

Andrew said...

the B-I-B-L-E yes that's the book for me!

andrew said...

robert munsch books are terrible

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