Cleaning Update

October 20, 2010

A couple of thoughts...

1. My chiropractor says I overdid it the other day. She says I need to take it easy with the cleaning. Yikes!

2. Cleaning Nathan's playroom is so much easier when he's not around to defend his toys from their demise. Now as long as he doesn't look into the garbage bag, we'll be a-okay!

3. I'm finding a lot of stuff that I don't even like, but I've kept for the past 2 (or 20) years. Why do I do that?

4. Why? I know why. It's because I'm a pack-rat. It's a genetic flaw.

5. Andrew doesn't like it that my chiropractor told me to slow it down. He thinks I should ignore that $40 piece of advice and keep going.

6. Nathan has been surprisingly co-operative by not touching any of his toys, putting things back where they're supposed to go and being our "garbage and recycling man". In fact, he's been called on to take things to the garbage bag so often, he's put in a request for a job change.

7. I really want to get all this cleaning done so I can relax for the remaining 6 weeks before baby in a clean home. I can't believe Baby Tsoi will be here in 6 weeks! And I can't believe that we'll be leaving the country for the other side of the world in 11 weeks! This is craziness!


pink said...

GAH! that IS crazinesssssss!! sooo exciting crazinesss

Andrew said...

i like throwing out nathan's junk :)

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