December 22, 2010

We spent the past couple days up at Blue Mountain for some time in the snow. Nathan had requested to go skiing as part of his "list of things to do before we leave Canada". Unfortunately, he got sick on his last day of school and hadn't fully recovered but we made the drive up to Collingwood anyway.

And over the past couple days, Andrew and I got to experience the joys of having more than one child. We had to coordinate who was going to watch Caleb while the other went out with Nathan while he skied. Things got a little trickier when Nathan was really sick and Caleb was crying inconsolably for hours.

But the trickiest moment of all was when Nathan requested a stuffed animal to sleep with. Tricky because we hadn't packed any for him and he really wanted one. So I quickly grabbed one of his shirts and stuffed a bath towel into it. Then, he requested a face so I cut up some paper to stick on a face.

Voila! A make-shift stuffie for him to sleep with. Ghostie.

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pink said...

What a great mom!!!

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