January 17, 2011

Andrew and I had no car-buying experience when we first arrived. We had a general idea of what we wanted, and I figured that was good enough. We walk in, tell them what we want, how much we want to spend and the salesperson will pull out a car that fits our description. Then, we'll pay and drive off the lot happy as can be, right? Wrong.

Bright-eyed, but slightly jet-lagged, we began our search on our second day here. We didn't end up finding a car we liked, but we did manage to survive a couple test-drives. And by survive, I mean we managed to do a run on the highway and city roads without getting into an accident or honked at.

By the second day, we were exhausted from dealership-hopping and dealing with overeager salespeople. We arrived at the Mazda dealership shortly after lunch time. We hadn't eaten which made me more tired and irritable.

It just so happened that Mazda offers free food. So, we had lunch courtesy of Mazda. Then, found the "perfect" car that suited our needs. We put down a deposit shortly after and were supposed to pick up the car a couple days later.

Then the flood came. Roads were flooded. People couldn't get to work. And our pick-up date kept getting pushed further and further back.

Now, finally, after a week and a half of waiting, we finally picked up our Mazda 6! What a relief it is to finally cross off one of the larger items on our list of things to do.

We have a car!


Elizabeth said...

Super exciting! Congrats :) Was it a good thing you guys didn't get it before the floods?

pink said...

OoOO! fancy! Does Nathan love it?! It's no red ferrari, huh? but I suppose he doesn't mind.

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