Asian Food (Round 1)

February 23, 2011

One of my current 101 goals is to "Cook an Asian dish at least twice a month" (Number 94). My intention was to learn more Asian dishes to add to our rotation of meal ideas so we wouldn't be stuck in a pasta rut. However, the past year our schedules were way too hectic for me to spend time learning how to cook. We needed easy meals and we needed them fast.

Now that we're in Australia and I basically sit at home twiddling my thumbs all day (not!), I figure I can take this time to learn some new dishes and add some variety to our lives.

The goal was to cook Asian food twice a month. Since that amounts to 24 times a year, I'll just make sure I hit the 24 mark before the end of the year and call it good! And since I'll likely cook Asian food more than 24 times this year, I'll make sure that I cook 24 different dishes. Even better.

Round 1: dumplings, lemon chicken, sushi, pork with noodles

Bonus: macaroni soup with ham


Andrew said...

this may be one of my favourite goals :)

choifish said...

hahaha lucky Andrew! .. and slick bonus lol

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