Asian Food (Round 2)

March 2, 2011

Some of you who subscribe to my blog may have seen part of this post already when I accidentally published it last week. Here's the rest of it! And to the rest of you... mm.. nothing! :D

On the nights where I'm just completely wiped out and don't have enough time to make dinner (of which there are many), we tend to go out for food. We've made it a point to use those opportunities to try new restaurants. So far, we haven't found any restaurants in our area that I absolutely love and want to go back to. A few places are decent and I'll eat there if we need to, but nothing I love. And the Asian food here just doesn't compare to the food back home.

That's probably the main reason for my new-found interest in cooking Chinese food. A very close second reason is that I'm sick of paying so much money for food I'm not even enjoying. That... is unacceptable.

So armed with my basic knowledge of Asian dishes, my limited skills of "adding a bit of this, and some of that", I set out to find some recipes for food Andrew and I both enjoy and are starting to miss.

For this round of Asian cooking, I tried my hand out at:

Portuguese Chicken!
I have been craving this stuff since we left Waterloo. During exam time, this would be one of the dishes that Andrew and I would rotate through when we needed to pick up a quick meal on our study breaks. It was so delicious. It had this unforgettable creaminess and once we left Waterloo, I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I have spent countless hours Googling the recipe for "Portuguese chicken" and I'd come up with hundreds of hits for the real Portuguese chicken. But I didn't want the real Portuguese chicken. I wanted the HK Style stuff*. And all I would find were pictures. I gave up the search for a while but once we got to Brisbane, I was determined to find it again.

Reading the comments under people's pictures, I found it had coconut milk in it, so I added that to the search criteria. Long story short (yeah, this is actually the short version), I made it.

All I did was...

Popped it in the oven and out came this dish.

No big deal.

Except for the fact that it took hours to prepare and put me out of cooking commission for a couple days. It's a good thing we had so much leftover. This was such a huge effort and therefore the only dish for Round 2. I'll try harder next round.

*While conversing with my dad on Skype yesterday, I excitedly told him of how I made Portuguese chicken to which he replied, "Oh yeah? Like the one with chicken and coconut milk?" like he knew how to make it all along. I'm starting to think I could have saved myself a lot of time and effort in searching if I had just asked him... Well how was I supposed to know?!

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