Dos Amigos

February 21, 2011

Over the weekend, we tried out two new restaurants: Nando's and Dos Amigos.

Nando's serves mainly chicken. Lots of chicken. Overall it was pretty good. The service was quick (at least for us), the food was decent and the price, well.. let's just say we're in Australia.

Dos Amigos serves Mexican food. I went with the beef fajitas and they tasted alright but the meat was a little on the tough side. I'm used to the soft, tender steaks fajitas they served at Jack Astor's back home.

Andrew had a beef chimichanga.

Nathan had his old standby. Chicken nuggets with fries. With ketchup tomato sauce. Lots of tomato sauce.


sajoy said...

there's actually a Nando's in Richmond Hill at Yonge/Major Mac by the Laser Quest! So it's not only Australian after all!

Andrew said...

Yeah, I've seen it! But I've never been :) until now.

Andrew said...

Oops why am I signed in to Andrew's account? :P

Andrew said...

i love how nathan could go to any kind of restaurant from any culture and hed always end up having chicken nuggets :)

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